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A startup that mixes tech and sweat to create a world where athletes, coaches, and fans can all play together. Plus, we give out rewards like candy, but without cavities! Even if you are not a pro you can get rewards from your workouts!

Who is talking about us

Put in the work, get the perks!

Practice makes perfect and we believe the work you put towards perfect deserves rewards! Our proprietary artificial intelligence system detects your body, assesses your movements, limb by limb, and assigns you a score. Neat, isn’t it? You’ve total ownership over your success, a.k.a. bragging rights!

Players worldwide
Videos analized
Performance analysis

Our mission

Make sports accessible

Democratize sports by addressing the issues that limit competition.

Reward players

Give back to the players through trusted and fair performances.

Provide feedback

Helping athletes to improve their sports performance.

Who is behind us


Our team

Pedro Rente Lourenço
Salomé Azevedo
Francisco Varela Oliveira
Vision and Strategy Analyst & Partner
Nuno Fernandes
Industry Analyst & Partner
José Matos
BD & Head of Partnerships
Bernardo Lickfold
Product Owner
Gonçalo Faria
Lead ML  Engineer
Rui Reis
ML Engineer
Guilherme Viveiros
ML Engineer
José Boticas
Lead Software Developer
Bernardo Rodrigues
Software Developer
Gustavo Bonassa
Software Developer
Bruno Santos
Software Developer
Paulo Vieira
Growth Operations Manager
Flávio Gerson
Community Manager
Catarina Silva
Lead UX/UI Designer
Helder Cação
UX/UI Designer
Marta Gonçalves
Graphic Designer
Margarida Silva
Job title
Job title
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