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Challenge anyone in your favourite sports

Earn NFTs and $MOOVs with every victory powered by our AI-based scoring algorithm.

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Competition drives performance. 
dotmoovs takes it to the next level.

Compete with others around the world. The work you put on your regular sports practice can now be put to the test through our AI video-referee. Put your best $MOOV forward and earn digital assets, all you need is your skill, ambition and your smartphone.


Are you ready for the challenge?

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Luís Figo

Former professional football player


Instagram / 3.3M followers
Twitter / 1.3M followers

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Ricardo Quaresma

Professional football player


Instagram / 3.1M followers
Twitter / 393k followers


Play anywhere, with no friction, in highly competitive challenges.


Compete in your favourite sport. Bet on your performance with $MOOVs and liquid cryptocurrencies.


Secure platforms with fraud detection algorithms to ensure fairness. Access to the winning party’s videos for complete confidence in the results.


Challenge friends or play against similar skilled players for stakes. The winner earns $MOOVs convertible to fiat currencies. With more tokens, you can level up to unlock higher leagues with higher stakes.


AI-driven arbitration of skill, with an unbiased look at the performance on any supported sport.



Earn access to exclusive collectibles.
Practice, challenge, and win.

The more you win, the more challenges and collectibles you can access. Stake $MOOVs and earn non-fungible (NFT) collectibles with your favourite sporting superstars, easily integrable into many sensational blockchain connected products. 


MOOV with us!

With an executive team with decades of combined tech, AI and startup strategy experience, dotmoovs wants you to be part of our path. 

2021 Q2

  • Theoretical research into arbitration engine and planning of scientific roadmap.


  • Evaluation of state-of-the-art and first implementations of several algorithmic approaches.


  • Research into movement biomechanics. NFT farming.

2021 Q3

  • Alpha release of the first MVP scoring algorithm. Start community data collection with token rewards.

  • Launch of first NFT collectibles with Ambassadors.

2021 Q4

  • Data collection and further arbitration engine tests.

  • Beta freelance scorer open for data capture.

  • Evaluation of other sports scenarios and edge cases for arbitration.

  • A/B type tests for the scoring algorithm with the first player pool.

2022 Q1

  • First arbitration engine release for one sport (Freestyle Soccer).

2022 Q3

  • AI Anticheat.

  • Further sports research and new arbitration engines.

2022 Q4

  • Expansion to further sports with new data collection and expert sponsorship.

  • Beta release of new arbitration engines.

2023 Q1

  • Support for new sports released.